Logo is Up and Running!

The logo for the blog is finalized! I am so happy with this image, and I am very thankful for the work my friend put into it.

I hope to learn more about creating images in programs like Illustrator and Inkscape. I know my students would love to use this in class for projects.

As my friend and I worked to finalize this logo, I realized that I have much more work to do. As my students are drafting essays this weekend, and I am planning a lesson on revising; I realized that my outlook on this ‘project’ has been completely wrong.

Just as I view teaching as my calling and gift, I should view my blog as a journey in my experience. Where goal-setting is extremely important, I too, must remember to celebrate the process.

There is a difference between pre-writing and drafting. However, my students often want to skip pre-writing because they do not see the value in this necessary process of writing. Many students see pre-writing as more work instead of a fundamental foundation. Pre-writing is getting all of one’s thoughts on paper as quickly as possible.  This can be very messy but extremely rewarding later in the process of writing. Pre-writing is (for a lack of better words) the dump truck dumping out all the information on the said topic. This is a necessary step in the process of writing for two reasons: to clean the brain’s palate for drafting; and to make room for creativity and organization.

Drafting is the creative portion of writing where one crafts words, phrases and clauses to create diverse sentence structure. In this creation the brain begins to organize The Dump of pre-writing.

Today was not just a celebration of finalizing the logo, but also a brainstorming session on what I really want this blog to do. I, too, need to do more pre-writing instead of trying to skip a step in the process. Besides, there will be plenty of time for revision.

Today I stopped to smell the roses, and they are so beautifully sweet!


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