Loving the Library

I have fond memories of watching Reading Rainbow on PBS and taking trips to Sulphur Springs Public Library. My mom would make my brother and I watch Reading Rainbow and make lists of books that we wanted to look for at the library.

I do not remember finding many of the books from the show. But I do remember falling in love with reading, books and the library. The SSPL has since been moved due to building issues, but in a moment I can be taken back to tracing the slick, wooden banister of the colossal staircase that lead up to the second floor. I knew I couldn’t read those books, but I just enjoyed walking down the isles and browsing the large books thinking one day, I would be reading them.
This is my second summer to keep my adopted nephew JD. As a teacher I know that summer time can be a lapse for one’s education, so I try to stress that we read, do math, problem solve, learn about nutrition and explore some in science.
JD and I have made frequent trips to Schimelpfenig Library in Plano. I know I need to focus on increasing the difficulty of his reading comprehension and push his Lexile levels, but I cannot help the passion a child has for reading for pleasure.
While looking for a Magic Tree House chapter book, a library worker asked JD if he was interested in the summer reading program. He agreed and found me to ask if I could help him sign up. I was so excited for him! He chose 10 books as his goal, which I knew was too low, but he had a plan in mind. After we signed him up for the summer reading program, JD pulled me to the side and said, “Aunt Daphne, I still want to check out more than 10 books, okay?”
Of course, we did! He personally checked out all 29 books. Some of them are easy reads, but more than half of them are chapter books. The fact that he is excited about reading tugs on my English heart strings.

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