Reflection and Planning

On the first day of class, this hallway seems to be the longest hallway in the history of education. In my mind the students cannot get into my classroom fast enough.

After twelve years of public education, one might say that it becomes monotonousness. For me, this is not true. I do not think I could ever look at my career with that perspective. I am the one who still gets up early to go to the store to view the new school supplies months before the first day of school. I love school! I always have, and I probably always will.

One might think that I am an expert at what I do. That depends. What exactly do I do on a daily basis? When I try to verbalize exactly what it is that I do, I always come back to giving. I give of myself. I tell stories. I crack jokes. Above all, I have fun. However, wonder if my students do.

Looking back on this school year, I see things that worked, things that did not work and things that could have worked better. I want to be an example for my students and admit when I have been wrong. This is very important to me because I see a need for students to see that adults are not always right. They need to see that we are human, just like them – against the popular belief that we hang ourselves up on a hook in our classroom every night.

New things to implement . . .

1. Student discovery learning: instead of the skill drill effect, lecturing, and what the students like to call “busy work”

2. Better Test-taking strategies: not that my goal for students is to be the best test-taker in the world, but teaching them strategies that work for testing, studying, learning (e. g. Cornell Notes, analyzing analogies, building vocabulary that they will actually use).

3. Utilize the technology offered: research is going to play a key factor in the ELA TEKS this coming school year; how not to plagiarize . . . yes, this needs to be taught!

4. Progression of Higher Level Bloom’s Taxonomy: students must move beyond the wrote knowledge into the production of knowledge.

5. Recursive Writing: as opposed to completing a writing assignment, turning it in, and I’m done.

Let me ponder on these. I am not sure this is the wording I want to use. This is rough, very rough!

More later . . .


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